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Life events happen. How quickly will you adapt and overcome the challenges of life events?

About Us

The Institute for Life Care™ is a technology-driven company providing the Life Care System, which helps individuals and companies adapt to and overcome life events… building resiliency for life event challenges.

Life Events include birth, medical emergencies, becoming an adult, getting married, becoming a parent, divorce, becoming a caregiver, end of life issues, and more… Life events are personal… Life events come to work… Life events impact time, money, work, family and more…

Life Care System: Institute for Life Care provides a proven ‘life care system’ centered on technology, education, and ongoing support through resources, guides and tools. Nothing is more stressing in a life event than, ‘What should I do? Where do I find help? Who can help me?’

  • Pillar 1: Critical Information – What do you need to know?
  • Pillar 2: Values – How do you view life?
  • Pillar 3: Trusted Support System – Who will help me?
  • Pillar 4: Roadmaps – What directions will you take when life events occur?

Life Care is a Business Issue: Life events impact employees and businesses:

  • Frequent Work Absences and lost time at work
  • Unengaged, Distracted Workers with associated performance and safety issues
  • Employee Turnover having to choose between family and work
  • Additional business costs and Human Resources actions to help existing employees or hire and train replacement workers.

Building resiliency creates confidence you can adapt and overcome life events more quickly… and provides peace of mind knowing you have tools, guides and resources when they are needed.

Core Curriculum
We organize our training around the Four Pillars of Preparation that provide a pragmatic, step-by-step approach while balancing spiritual needs and beliefs.


Critical Information

Critical Information is the first pillar. What do I need? Where do I accumulate the information? What about information that changes frequently? Learn the secrets of what to collect; how to accumulate and share information with trusted support and family.



The second pillar is Values. Learn secrets to understand: What is important to you? What do you value? What organizations do you support? The ethical question, ‘Even though I can, should I?’

Team Building

Trusted Support

The third pillar is your ‘trusted support’ team. Learn the secrets of what ‘support’ professionals do; what legal terms mean; how to find or replace a ‘team’ member; and where your ‘team’ may need new members.



The final pillar is ‘roadmaps.’ Learn secrets to build roadmaps for life events: Caregiving? Raising children? Health Care? Final Wishes?

Life Care System
Our life care system is a data-driven, technology-based solution designed to promote resiliency from life event challenges.

Step 1: Data-Driven Metrics to Identify Existing Life Events Among Workforce

Step 2: Live Training

The three hour live training provides introduction to life care system process, tools and guides. Key Learning points include:

  • Critical Information Secrets
    1. Preparing for a Medical Emergency
    2. Preserving Family History
    3. What you have and owe
  • Trusted Support - Building your Team
  • Values
    1. What is important to you?
    2. Understanding your values
    3. Charities important to you
  • Roadmaps
    1. Legal Documents
    2. Healthcare Directives
    3. Final Arrangements

Step 3: Online Support

Tools, Guides, Videos, and more…

Step 4: Data Analytics

The Life Care System provides periodic feedback to the company helping to measure engagement and resiliency of workforce.

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"I didn’t know how much I didn’t know… It seemed overwhelming but as I began the Life Care System, I learned so much about myself. Then I began to share the information with trusted support and family. My support team helped me make better decisions and reach goals that I never dreamed I could. My family learned what I wanted. They felt the relief and peace that I felt because ‘big decisions’ had been made by me and my family knows who can help when I need it. I am ready to live my life!" – Sharon from Ohio

“A Friend gave my husband and me the Life Care System as a gift when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. I was devastated. My husband and I worked through the ‘system’ over the next eight months. (I believe he was given the extra time to help me.) I received so much and can never repay my friend for the ‘gift’ of knowing… I will be okay.” – Virginia from Missouri

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